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Glass-making expertise serving a world full of passion


Over the years, Arc International has developed real wine-making know-how. With extensive glass-making expertise and a desire to convey a certain French art de vivre, the group has invested in wine-making technology aimed at professionals.

For example, it initiated and carried out a project to produce a high-tech material, Kwarx®, designed exclusively for wine tasting. In 2006, the Open Up glass, with a revolutionary form, was the first to benefit from this new material. It received the Janus de l’Industrie, a prize awarded by the Institut Français du Design (French design institute), and met with resounding commercial success.

Chef & Sommelier: showcasing your talent

Arc International has created the Chef & Sommelier brand. All its product lines dedicated to tasting and bar and wine service are now grouped under this 100% expert brand.  
These collections, featuring a wide range of innovative technologies and backed by the group's Research Centre, are submitted to a committee of professional experts for its approval. Each collection expresses Chef & Sommelier’s identity: innovation, expertise and sensory experience. 
By taking a journey through the world's various regions, Chef & Sommelier invites you to discover or rediscover the wealth of sensations that wine has to offer.


Collection AROM'UP

Arom’Up is a collection of five wine tasting glasses. Their shape has been specifically developed to draw out the character of any great wine according to your own taste. Just choose one or the other glass so as to reveal more fruity or oaky aromas!
A fruity wine will therefore develop its peach or red fruit aromas in a “FRUITY” glass, whereas an oaky wine will express its vanilla and toasty aromas better in an “OAKY” glass.


AROM'UP Floral Flute

With its smal/ capacity and contemporary design, the light and delicate AROM'UP Floral champagne flute is designed for enjoying sparkling wines at any time. Its aromatic chamber al/ows even subtle aromas to develop fuI/y, thus the flute wonderful/y brings out fresh notes of lemongrass, acacia, rose or violet.

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Collection OPEN'UP

Open Up est une ligne de verres au design contemporain et révolutionnaire, qui procure un plaisir olfactif sans commune mesure. Elle permet de déguster tous les types de vins jeunes (de 1 à 3 ans pour les blancs et de 1 à 5 pour les rouges). Les différents modèles de la ligne Open Up couvrent la majorité des cépages mondiaux.

Open Up is a range of glasses with a contemporary and revolutionary design, which provides wine-drinkers with an incomparable tasting experience. Suitable for tasting all types of young wine ("young" wine can be defined as 1-3 years for white wine and 1-5 years for red). The different models in the Open Up range cater for the majority of wine varieties and types produced worldwide.
- the Open Up range is made from Kwarx, a new high-technology material that was invented by ARC International's research centre.
- the angled bowl enables an exceptionnal development of a wine's flavor. When the glass is filled up to the angle and the wine is swirled around the glass, its molecules break up in contact with the sides of the glass, and this enables a young wine to fully release its flavor. When swirled, the wine adheres to the bowl, meaning that there is a greater contact between the wine and the glass.
- the angle allows you to pour exactly the right amount of wine into your glass.
- the large oxygenation area and the closed rims facilitate the concentration of flavours.


OPEN'UP Effervescent Flute

Champagne or sparkling wines are best suited for this style of glass and should be filled to the waist which encourages the oxygenation due to the large surface area. The aromas are perfeclty concentrated as a result of the tapered top while the base has been carefully etched to release fine bubbles.

In order to appreciate the full flavor, the distinctive shape of the glass allows the wine to be guided to the centre of the tongue !



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Der Missbrauch von Alkohol ist gefährlich für die Gesundheit, mit Mäßigung.